Fuel at Beaverlodge Airport

imageThe WPAA sold fuel at the Beaverlodge airport for the first time in the airport’s 32 year history on Aug 31st. In 2 sales approximately 520 litres of 100LL were sold at $1.75/ litre +GST that made $.29/litre gross revenue for the WPAA and saved $.20/litre for the club members relative to the lowest local price. The price will naturally vary with each load that is purchased.

A core group of club members pooled some funds and acquired the avgas to get the ball rolling. Larry Moody provided an avgas tanker truck for the club’s use. The truck is by no means new but is designed to deliver clean fuel accurately in any kind of climate – arctic, jungle or desert with a triple filtering and de-watering system. Chris Markovic, Dave Knox and Jim Leask fired the truck up and operated it as instructed by Larry Moody. The truck’s operation was not that difficult.

The fuel was initially cycled through the dispensing hose back to the tank then tested twice for sediment or moisture. No trace of either was found. The fuel was dispensed and no discrepancy could be found between the quantity of fuel measured and that which was delivered in 2 tests of about 200 and 300 liters in the 2 aircraft. It is worthy of note that the temperature of the day was very close to that of a “standard day”.

Consensus has been achieved among the core group of club members that underwrote the initial purchase of fuel that the best thing that could now occur for both the WPAA and the fuel itself would be to make the fuel available to as many club members as possible. To that end the fuel will be made available for a debenture of $500.00 /member which will be repaid to members as the fuel project becomes financially self-supporting.

People wishing to take part in the WPAA fuel project are required to:

1 – be current members of COPA and the WPAA
2 – sign a simple waiver form stating that the member dispersing the fuel assumes responsibility for both the fuel’s quantity as measured on the totalizer and it’s quality.
3 – attend an in-service given a fellow member of the club in which they will learn and demonstrate the proficient operation of the truck and fuel system by fueling up an aircraft and filling out the liter log.
4 – pay immediately upon receipt of an invoice issued monthly for fuel purchased that month by the member.

In return participating members get:
1 – lower priced fuel that will generate funding for future club projects such as a club rental aircraft, hangar/club facility, tiedowns or permanent stationary fuel facility.
2 – to disperse fuel to any aircraft or container transporting fuel to any aircraft having a valid registration mark.
3 – to diperse fuel any time of day or night to tanks transported by vehicles or to aircraft anytime that the Beaverlodge airport is not NOTAM’D closed.
4 – an annual return of a portion of their debenture based on (1) the number of $500.00 debenture units they acquired to help make the initial acquisition of fuel possible and (2) an annual decision by the WPAA board of directors of how much funds can be re-imbursed per debenture unit that will still leave the fuel project financially viable.

We had initially thought we would be able to offer a 2 tiered pricing system to be able to sell fuel to non-club members. We have since learned that to do so would require the truck to be recertified for commercial use, re-CSA approved and we would have to carry cost-prohibitively expensive insurance. As a result we, as a club, can only sell fuel to our own members in good standing.
Anyone wishing to have access to fuel through the club should contact Jim Leask at 780-356-2928 for further information. Anyone wishing to have a minimum 1,000 US gal. (3,785 l.) delivered to their own strip at cost + 5%brokerage +GST through the club should contact Jim for details as well.

Teresa Boudreault


COPA for Kids 2014 Photos

What a great event with many that took part to make the COPA for Kids 2014 such a successful event.  Many thanks goes out to: COPA, Teresa B, COPA Flight #185 Executive, the pilots and their planes, Stars, Air Ambulance, Chris with Wapiti Sand and Gravel (provided hot dogs and beverages) the many volunteers that helped out with registration, first aid, kid escort to the aircraft and safety, Peace Aero Modellers Club, Les with the Grande Prairie Soaring Society, Peace Recreational Flyers, Adventure Air, Town of Beaverlodge and Staff, and lastly Marilyn Grubb from Chipabirdee Images that took these wonderful photos that documented the day.

All images are copyrighted by Marilyn Grubb from
Chipabirdee Images
If you would like an image, please contact us and we will forward your request to Marilyn.

West Peace Aviation Association Meeting – 1000 hrs 8th Feb 2014

Hi Everyone

The next meeting of the WPAA will be held at 1000 hrs on 11 January 2014 at the Neighbourhood Resource Centre in Beaverlodge.

Our guest speaker will be Andy Stewart from STARS. Andy will be talking about his flying experiences as a military pilot, a test pilot and a STARS pilot.

Our main topic of discussion will be the potential of taking over operation of the Beaverlodge airport (CEU2).

So come out to be in the picture of the presentation to Teresa that will be in the local and COPA papers, listen to Andy and then enter the discussion on operating CEU2.



West Peace Aviation Association Meeting – 1000 hrs 14 Dec 2013 – at New Beaverlodge Pool Complex

Good Morning

The next meeting of the WPAA will be held at 1000 hrs on 14 Dec 2013 at the Multi-Purpose Room in the New Beaverlodge Pool Complex just north Neighborhood Resource Centre in Beaverlodge.

I have included the minutes of the last meeting and a map for those new people that would like to attend. Note the map shows the Neighborhood Resource Centre – just come across the parking lot to the Pool Complex.

Now for some news:

1.  Shell has just announced the development of an unleaded aviation fuel. Read more…

2.  Just received a text from Dave Knox. He is in Winnipeg after picking up his Aztec in Ontario. Should have it hear by Wednesday.

3.  I was able to get checked out on the Warrior last Saturday and made it to Beaverlodge before the snow hit. C-GQEW is now safely in the hanger for the winter. Jim and Chris were at the airport to meet me and then thanks to Chris, we toasted the new arrival with Champagne.

See you Saturday.


Lloyd Sherk



COPA for Kids

COPA for Kids was so successful adults said there should be a day for adults who may have ridden in big planes but not in small ones.

On September 28, 2013, at the Beaverlodge Airport COPA Flight #184 introduced 59 kids to small airplane flight. It was a total success graded on safety and fun.

 Credit goes to:

  • Parents for bringing their young people to the airport to let them share the excitement of flying. Oh, and for reading the rules and procedures and following all needed protocols.
  • The kids for sharing their joy, coping with anxiety (a very few) and turning it to excitement and like their guardians, listing to the instructors and responding to the pilots.
  • The pilots who donated the cost of the flights in exchange for the grins on everyone, including themselves.
  • Volunteers who spent hours in advance, all of September 28, 2013 and clean up time later. Unsung too often, these were the folk who took a bright idea and made it happen.
    Sign up included work for parents.

    Sign up included work for parents.

    Ground School "I saw the instruments and learned not to go near the propeller."

    Ground School “I saw the instruments and learned not to go near the propeller.”

    Visibility for all and lots of cameras at the ready.

    Visibility for all and lots of cameras at the ready.

    "I learned to name the airplanes."

    “I learned to name the airplanes.”

    Pilots talked to us a lot about how to touch the airplanes and where to look to see things.

    Pilots talked to us a lot about how to touch the airplanes and where to look to see things.

    And the volunteers celebrated safety and fun and a job well done with a barbecue.

    And the volunteers celebrated safety and fun and a job well done with a barbecue.

Beaverlodge Barbeque Sunday July 14th

Again the theme for the barbeque is “Flying” of course.  We would like you to come to the barbeque with something aviation oriented.  Fly in with you plane, glider, or car but you have to bring…. a paper airplane?  Hopefully the weather will be good for some flying!

This will be a potluck type event but bring your own meat and lawn chairs.  Dwayne will look into arranging a barbeque.

Please RSVP as soon as possible if you are planning to attend.